Employee Spotlight: Judy Pardo

Judy Pardo is a pillar of warmth and familiarity here at Monmouth Crossing Assisted Living. Her decade-long tenure is a testament to her dedication, as well as the genuine connections she’s formed with both residents and colleagues. With her roots in New York, she brings a down-to-earth charm and a friendly demeanor that undoubtedly brightens the day for everyone she encounters.

It’s heartwarming to hear about Judy’s devotion to her family — from her daughters and grandsons to her expanding great-grandchildren. Living in Manalapan puts her close to the people who matter most to her, allowing her to cherish those precious moments together.

Judy’s transition from a legal secretary to a daytime front desk receptionist reflects her adaptability and her willingness to embrace new opportunities. And it’s clear that her role at Monmouth Crossing isn’t just a job—it’s a source of joy and fulfillment. The bond she shares with the residents, whom she sees as family, speaks volumes about her caring nature and the positive impact she has on their lives.

Her admiration for the activities staff underscores her appreciation for the vibrant community atmosphere fostered at Monmouth Crossing. Their youthful energy and genuine enthusiasm complement Judy’s own warmth, creating a welcoming environment where residents can thrive.

Judy Pardo’s story is one of dedication, love, and the joy found in building meaningful connections—a true embodiment of the spirit of care and compassion that defines Monmouth Crossing Assisted Living.

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Check out what patients say

The staff works very hard with the families to provide the best care possible to make sure [my loved one's] needs are taken care of, no matter what it is. It is safe and secure here.

Check out what patients say

The care and concern of the nursing staff is absolutely wonderful.

Check out what patients say

The staff - all of them are outstanding! Kind, caring and attentive to my every single need.

Check out what patients say

The amenities are very nice; Monmouth Crossing has a very attentive housekeeping staff that really keep the resident's room and common areas looking great.

Check out what patients say

Anything I need is available for me.. I haven't had a complaint in the six years I've been here.

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